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Lowest price for Oriental Rug Cleaning guaranteed!!


We proudly service Jacksonville, Savannah & Charleston

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Preserve the Quality of Your Rug

Von Hughes will take special care of your vulnerable rugs and ensures they will come back to you looking like new! When it comes to our services, you can expect world-class cleaning with a pick-up/return time that is one of the quickest in the nation. Von Hughes clean rugs with technology that was designed in a part of the world where rugs have been in production the past 3000 years; Turkey. Learn more about our technology here

Keep Your Carpets Feeling FRESH

We take as much pride in the quality of our carpet cleaning as we do our rug cleaning. The equipment we use is top of the line and will leave your carpet as clean as the day you first stepped foot on it. 

Once we schedule an appointment and find a convenient time for cleaning, we will provide our services with minimal intrusion into your already busy lives. We not only pride ourselves on efficacy, but also on efficiency! 


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Lowest market price for rug and carpet cleaning! 

Free pick up & delivery for rugs

Working time for rug cleaning - 3 Days


What people are saying about us! 


Super friendly and professional and my rugs look great now! -John H.
I highly recommend this company as they did a wonderful job cleaning my antique oriental rugs. They came back in three days looking fresh and felling soft. The prices are reasonable and Kirill and his wife are great to work with. Very professional company. - Suzanne M. from Ardsley Park
They did a great job in just 3 days. - Charlie J. from Parkside
I highly recommend this company for rug cleaning! They are very professional, nice and quick and do an amazing job! - Carey M. from Abercorn Heights
Excellent!!! Affordable price, friendly customer service, free pick-up and delivery. In 3 days you are getting clean, carefully wrapped carpets. And they smell so good. Thank you, guys, for quality work. Highly recommend!!!! - Olena S. from Sandhill
Got my rug back today, fresh, clean and soft! No odor from cleaner at all! Service was impeccable, free pick up and delivery with text messages to set up times for each. Arrived exactly when we agreed. I was so happy I had them to take all my rugs in for cleaning! Finally someone in Savannah that will clean your rug well! - Judy W. 
Excellent!!! Affordable price, friendly customer service, free pick-up and delivery. In 3 days you are getting clean, carefully wrapped carpets. And they smell so good. Thank you, guys, for quality work. Highly recommend!!!! - Alena Stevens
Very fast service. Great job! - Shirley B. from Georgetown
These guys are just great! I had really dirty Persian runner, wool rug in the living room and pretty cheap synthetic one in the kitchen. Vacuum didn't help too much to clean them. Saw the car with advertising at parking lot decided to give guys a try. They do pick up and delivery and I like their prices. Rugs are like brand new now, hands down! Paid for ozone treatment for one that my dog peed on, it's worth each penny spent no smell any more. - Elena D. from Reese Way

Know Your Rug

A good rug acts much like an air-conditioning unit in the way it collects all the particles from the air. Dust and dirt particles become embedded in the fibers, which will cause the fibers to break down over time. A wool rug can hold four times its weight in dirt - that’s pounds of dirt! Not to mention the germs and ticks that may be living inside. Vacuuming your rug once a week will help, but a professional cleaning (recommended twice a year) will remove all the debris your vacuum cannot reach, restores the original colors of the rug, and re-hydrates the wool. Please keep in mind that hand-made rugs should never be washed in your home and should never be steam cleaned. You should always have your rug cleaned in a facility where it can be appropriately dusted, washed and dried.

Pickup-Delivery Benefits of Von Hughes

We make the process of caring for your rug as simple for you as possible, beating any home cleaning method! 

  • You don't need to be present for the cleaning and can use the free time for more important things. Some rugs take up to 5hrs to clean manually.
  • You can move freely throughout your house not needing to wait endlessly for your rug to dry. 
  • You get the best and most effective cleaning process available in the world. 
  • It's just simple. We'll take your dirty rug and return a fresh clean one! 
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Our Promise

We strive for impeccable results, 100% dedication, honest service, and ultimate customer satisfaction. As rug owners, we want to provide the service that we ourselves were always looking for. Our goal is to make your life a little easier and your home a touch more beautiful. 


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About Us

Who is von Hughes?

Von Hughes is a company striving to be the best rug cleaning service in the country! 

But who are WE? We are a family run business based out of Savannah, Georgia. Father, mother, brother, sister all chipping in. After living in Turkey for some time, we can appreciate a fine rug and the delicate care it deserves. You're in good hands!